STEPS 2 Resettlement (Support for Transfer of European Prison Sentences towards Resettlement) aims to support the effective delivery of Framework Decision (FD) 2008/909/JHA (transfer of prisoners) by investigating and analysing the legal and practical obstacles that may hinder its implementation and execution in all Member States (MS). The project will assist in working towards the goal of common European standards of working effectively with offenders.

This project will build upon previous research and projects (Implementation Support for the Transfer of European Probation Sentences (ISTEP) project – JUST/2010/JPEN/AG/1531, Developing the Use of Technical Tools for Cross-Border Resettlement (DUTT) -JUST/2010/JPEN/AG/EG/1462) in continuing to identify challenges that countries must meet to put the FD’s into effect. In order for FD 909 to be implemented correctly, it is essential that staff and officials are well informed; this project aims to increase mutual understanding and recognition of FD 909 to this effect. It will also address the links between this FD and 2008/947/JHA (Probation & Alternative Sanctions) and 2009/829/JHA (European Supervision Order) and aim to support both European Union (EU) MS and the European Commission to action these instruments and understand the practicalities of using them.

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